Am 31.Januar 2024  war auch in diesem Jahr anstelle Doppelstunde Englisch Leistungskurs Theater angesagt - und das in der Originalsprache Englisch: Eine Bewährungsprobe und eine seltene Gelegenheit in der sächsischen Provinz die American Drama Group zu erleben, die auch dieses Jahr wieder Station in Crimmitschau gemacht hat.

Mit einem tollen Stück: "Pygmalion" von George Bernhard Shaw, vielen besser bekannt als Verfilmung in "My Fair Lady". UND - was wir da auf die Augen und Ohren bekamen, war wirklich einen Besuch wert. Der begeisterten Resonanz der Zwölftklässler soll hier eine Bühne gegeben werden.

Some aspects to praise the play were ... well the actors played their roles, especially thinking of the plot of the story with the aspect of entirely changing your speech patterns and losing your accent. (Vincent Kreibich) the actors interacted with the visitors in the audience and the great entertaining effect when the actors even sang. (Leonie Dittrich) important language and behaviour is to outline your personality and to show the difference between the poor and the higher class. (Lilly Gaube)

...the different settingsin which it took place. It widened the perspective of how appearance can change and the problematic effects of such a transformation. (Tamara Päßler)

...the character of Eliza Doolittle, performed by Samantha Thornton-Rice differently to what`s usual in these sorts of plays. I found her exclamation of outrage funny and I loved the way she played a strong woman. (Thao Ngyen Thi)

...I  was amazed by Samantha Thornton-Rice`s acting. She convinced me with her self-confidence and how she managed it to let us feel with her (Lilli Eicke)

Why is small town theatre worth visiting?

Even though it is not as spectacular as a theatre in a huge metropolis it is budget friendly and a convincing piece of culture accessible for every interested citizen. (Max Kaufmann)

The atmosphere is great! Furthermore it is easier for the actors to include the audience and there is a kind of moral included staying in people`s minds.The moral of that wonderful play is that a woman is not a lady depending on how she behaves. It depends on how people treat her. (Laura Möckel)

The plot

The play, written by dramatist George Bernhard Shaw in 1914,  is about the flower girl Eliza Doolittle and Professor Higgins, a linguist. As Eliza has a different dialect (representing the working class) bets he can teach her to speak like educated upper class people. So it is a challenge for both. She tries to give her best and changes not only the way she speaks and he learns to understand other people who are not privileged. (Emma Seifert)

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